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USB PSU 5V - 1 Amp


USB charger/power-bloc for device requiring up to 1000mA!!!!

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USB power wall (5V 1A)

Do you need an USB power (or charger) for your project? Unfortunately you d'ont have a computer under the hand!
This power bloc do generates the 5V target !. We do also have a 2Amp version.
You can use this power bloc everywhere you need a 5v USB power without any risk of trouble. The PSU would produce the 5 volts without issue up to 1000mA!

Not recommend for WIFI device

This power supply is not cost effective enough to support a WiFi module.

If you are using a USB WiFi module (as for the Pi) then you should use a USB Hub with its own power supply.

If you want to use an Arduino Yun then you will need:

  • either disable WiFi (and use wired Ethernet),
  • or opt for a power supply supporting 2 to 3 Amp..


Because a WiFi module can consume current peaks of up to 2 Ampere. If the power supplies are equipped with capacitors, this is nevertheless demanding and can cause voltage drops that can crash (reset) your Raspberry-Pi or Yun Card (for example).


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