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Double Logarithmic Potentiometer 10K + Switch


Logarithmic Potentiometer

  • 2x 10 KOhm Logarithmic - pots binded
  • Switch
  • round - short

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Un potentiomètre logarithmique 10K pour réglage audio

The Log potentiometer are used in audio applications because they offers a response compatible with  human hearing. The hear does not sense sound intensity in a linear way. It follows a logarithmic curve while moving away from the source.
At the mid-rotation of the potentiometer, your hears would have the sense of the mid-power of the sound. However, in physical world, the potentiometer is set to 1.7 KOhms at output.

This is also the reason way we do speak about attenuation in decibel dB which converts logarithmic curve to a "proportional" unit (dB). Each time we double the distance from the source this represent a 6 dB attenuation (-6dB = divide the power by 4, -3dB = divide the power by 2, -10dB = divide the power by 10).

This potentiometer is designed for audio type application (like controling amplifier) or controling the volume of a headset (without additional electronics).

This product is made of two 10 KOhms logarithmic potentiometer sharing the same shaft so it controls the two audio voices at the same time (Warning: non idenpendant voice control).

The back of the pot is fitted with a switch so this product can also be used as On/Off switch for the project (while still controling the audio volume).


  • Type: potentiometre
  • Mounting: Panel mount
  • Angular length: ~250°
  • Resistor: 10 KOhms Log


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