Bourns 10K  pot - Guitar Bourns
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Bourns 10K pot - Guitar Bourns

10K linear pot

  • Bourns - Guitar pot.
  • Diam. 6mm
  • Long. 19mm
  • 10 KOhms linear
  • Round - short
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Linear pot. 10 KOhms (Bourns, guitar pot.)

Guitar Bourns Guitar pot. 10 kOhm linear, the whole 10 kOhms are split on 1 turn.

This pot. is suited for any kind of microcontroler project.
As it is a linear pot, the output resistor is proportionnal to the rotation angle (so the voltage is proportional to the rotation angle).

This potentiometer can be used for panel mount assembly, this will offers a better human/machine interface than breadboard pot.

Technical details

  • Type: potentiometer - linear
  • Max temp: 50°C
  • Min temp: -10°C
  • Mounting: Panel mount
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Shaft length: 19mm
  • Power: 0.2 W
  • Resistor: 10 kOhms
  • Tolerance: 20%