Pine64+ - 2Gb - 64 Bits Nano computer
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Pine64+ - 2Gb - 64 Bits Nano computer

Pine64+ - 2Gb Ram - ARM Cortex A53 64 Bit

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The world of nano-computer mono-board does see newcomers on regular base. Pine64 is one of those boards. Based on the AllWinner A64, the Quad A53 Cores (ARM Cortex, 64 Bits) delivred with a physical Ethernet interface, DDR3 RAM (512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb depending on the Pine's Model), GPIO (Pi compatible) and other péripherals.

At the heart, we find a AllWinner A64 SoC (System On Chip, the latest killer chip of AllWinner). That SoC has 4 x A53 64 Bits Cortex cores... so the Pine64 offers plenty of power. The AllWinner processors are known by experienced makers as powerful and high-performance chips. The AllWinner chips also propel the OlinuXino d'Olimex A20 Lime 2 and A20 Micro nano-computer).
The A64 is able to handle the H.265 video decompression (30 fps in 4K) or 60 fps in 1080p.

As many nano-computer, the storage is managed by the microSD card (microSDXC)..

The Pine64 does not have a native support for WiFi/bluetooth 4.0 but can be take in charge with an additional module.

This version of the board (the Pine64+) does have a MIPI DSI connector (to wire MIPI interfaced TFT screen) and a connector for touchscreen interface.


For each order, you will receive a Pine64 board fit with 2Gb of ram.
Warning: the Pine64 does require some additional items to start (power supply, microSD card, ...)

Some key features:

  • Processor: Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit.
    • 1.2 Ghz. Overclocking possible if you use heatsinks.
    • Execute 64 and 32 Bits
  • 2x I/O expansion port
    • An expansion port compatible with Raspberry Pi 2
  • Graphical processor: Mali 400 MP2 Dual Core
    • Max resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3
  • HDMI output 1.4a
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps (Physiscal Ethernet)
  • Audio output - jack 3.5mm
  • Powering
    • via microUSB 5V
    • via 3.7V Lipo Battery

Some technical resource:


Here is some link that you may think useful.

Experience wanted

The Pine64 is a nano-computer as the Raspberry-Pi but the Pine64 is not a Raspberry-Pi. So we do not recommend this plateform for a first experience with nano-computer.
As you are reading this page you are certainly fluent in english. It is a good thing, so you can rely on the Pine64 starter guide and the Pine64 Forums for help.

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