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Bitscope 2 channels + adapter : BNC - Digital + analogique


Bitscope BS05U + BNC MP01A adapter

  • Bitscope "Micro" model 5 (also named BS05)
  • 2 channels oscilloscope, 20 Mhz bandwidth
  • Analog resolution: 8 and 12 bits
  • Logic analyser: 6 channels, 40 MSps
  • Protocol analyser et serial bus (SPI, CAN, I2C, UART, ...)
  • Analog signal generator
  • Clock generator
  • USB interface - can be used with the BitScope software on the computer or Raspberry-Pi

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An affordable oscilloscope and logic analyser with great quality/price ratio

BitScope is known for its data acquisition hardware offering appealing features. This model (proposed in this product) have been selected for the specifications and usages oriented toward the Makers. Please note that the BitScope is not intended to replace professional oscilloscopes (having wider range characteristics)!

Warning: the BitScope is not an autonomous device, it must be used with software running on computer or a Raspberry-Pi.

The bitscope Micro + 2 BNC connector adapter will allow you to plug BNC oscilloscope probe (not included) on the BitScope! The oscilloscope probes are suited to capture analog voltages and ease to use. The clip probes are suited for logical signal capture.

BitScope - Montage general

BitScope "Micro" Model 5, also named BS05, is a mix signals oscilloscope. It includes:

  • A powerful logical protocol analyser (12V max),
  • An analog signal capture (50V max),
  • A waveform and model generator,
  • A clock generator,
  • A spectrum analyser,
  • A data logger

The BS05P model (this product) also have BNC connector to plug analog probes in (really convenient for measuring values).

Connecteur du BitScope

générateur de signa BitScope

The 3.3V signal generator (available on the AWG pin) would be a very handy tool to evaluate the response of the circuit at a given frequency or also when the frequency does change... great to évaluate an attenuator.

The BitScope is very compact and needs really few spaces in your toolbox (the bitscope is protected with transparent jacket). A dream for your test & measurement suite.

The BitScope can be completely automated by the user, it can simultaneous capture the digital signals and analog values in the 12 Kio buffer then continuously transfert the data to the host hard-drive.

We do also have IDC 10 female connectors (and IDC male) to create your own home made connexions.

BitScope Software

Le BitScope software (that can be downloaded from the starter quick guide) shows a smooth and complete user interface.

Interface du logiciel BitScope

Feature Description
1 Main display Displays the waveform, logical channels and spectral view. Displays measurement and cursors.
2 Feature selection Virtual Instruments, Scope tools, Cursors, Presets, etc.
3 Triggers Shows the triggers level (triggers), Waveforms (logical & analogs) at trigger time.
4 Trigger controls Configuring the triggers (triggers)
5 Measurement cursors Cursors values X and Y, voltages, timing and sampling rate.
6 Time base control Time base, Zoom and control timing parameters
7 channel control Sources controls, vertical position and scale.
8 datalogging control Sampling rate for data acquisition, period, frame rate and display mode.


BitScope Micro is compatible with many computer plateform like Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux running on x86 & ARM.
The Windows user would have to install the drivers for the BitScope to be detected (see the quick user guide for more informations)
Do not hesitate to download and install the software before purchasing your BitScope.

BitScope Compatible Rasbperry-Pi

You can also check, this great Ben Heck's video to know how to create a portable scope with a  Raspberry-Pi, an official touch screen and the BitScope + BNC adapter

Technical details

  • Bitscope "Micro" model 5 (dit BS05) + Probe Adapter (MP01A) - formally BS05P
  • 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope with storage.
    Can be used as 2 channels with analog comparator.
  • Bandwidth: 20 Mhz.
  • Sampling at 40MSps (Million Sampling per second)
  • Analog resolution 8 and 12 bits
  • Display wave form in real-time and high speed
  • Acquire 6 logical/timing channels (8 max) with cross triggering to measure multi-channel mixed signals.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of analog and digital signals
  • Capture SPI, CAN, I2C, UART & logical data all togheter to help in solving complex control sustems
  • Simultaneous display of analog waveform and spectral analysis in real time
  • Analog signal generator: arbritrary waveform
  • Allow the creation of programmable logic and/or protocol models
  • Record the BitScope acquired data le BitScope (on hard drive) to perform further waveform analysis.
  • Can be programmed with C/C++, Python, VM API
  • USB interface - must be used with the BitScope software running on a computer or Raspberry-Pi
  • Datasheet and details:



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