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Triple Rings NeoPixel - 44 Neopixel LEDs



Triple ring NeoPixel

  • WS2812
  • LED traversante
  • 24 + 16 + 4 = 44 LED
  • Diameter: 66mm

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Neopixels in concentric rings to create dazzle color animation

Neopixels exists in a varety of shapes (rings, strips, panels, matrices) but this one is a little bit different. It is made of concentric rings. We love glowing projects with NeoPixels LEDs and this new board is like an electronic lightning Oreo cookie! a NeoPixel Triple Ring board (with through-hole Neopixel LEDs).

This board is made of 44 NeoPixel LEDs (5mm, diffused) that can be used as any NeoPixel ring or strip. Power it with 5V, send it NeoPixel (WS2812) signals on the data line. The signal pads on the back of the board is labeled DI for data input. The pad labelled DO is for data output.

The diffused LEDs have an interesting look compared to our other flat rings, and we like the multi-ring effect.

Technical details

  • Diameter: 66mm
  • Height: 9mm
  • Product Weight: 18.5 gr
  • Datasheet (pdf)

Those Neopixels receives the data at format GRB (green, red, blue) instead of RGB (standard).



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