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Senseur vibration sensor - slow / Hard to trigger


Vibration sensor, contact type, difficult to trigger (slow/hard)

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Easily detect vibrations with a spring sensor - low sensibility

This sensor, commonly called "the poor man's accelerometer" can detect movements or accelerations at a low price! This is a vibration sensor using a spring as a switch, this sensor detects non-directional vibrations and its more "rigid" spring makes it more difficult to trigger. The vibrations (sufficient) then trigger the contact. Inside we find a spring that surrounds a long metal pin. When the sensor is moved, the spring starts moving. If the displacement/shock/acceleration is sufficient compared to the stiffness of the spring then it comes to touch the central pin and the sensor makes contact.                                                                                                                                                                                                Therefore, as soon as there is movement,the two pins act as a closed contact. When the sensor is stationary, the contact is open. This sensor is ideal for wearable projects!

There are also other versions of this sensor with springs more or less rigid (so that triggers more or less quickly)!

Technical details

  • Max voltage: 12V
  • Contact resistance: <10 ohm
  • Contact time: 2 ms
  • Max current: 20mA
  • Isolation resistance: >10M ohm
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 80ºC
  • Life time: 100,000 cycles
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Height (with pins): 25mm
  • Height (without pins): 15mm
  • Weight: 0.3g


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