Electric Magnet - 3Kg - 5V
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Electric Magnet 5V - 3 Kg Holding Force

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5V Electromagnet (3Kg Holding Force)

Here is a DC electromagnet having an holding force of 3Kg and using 1W of power. It can work at 5V (so it is 200 mA). The magnetic poles can be north or south depending on your power wiring, just flip over the positive and negative power and magnetic poles will be reversed.

This electromagnet have a very small body, it can be used in projets to creates electromagnetic lock, magnetic part moving project, intelligent drawer, etc.

Electromagnet are made of a coil wired around a iron core. When currents pass through the wire coil, it creates a constant magnetic field wich magnetize the core.

For this to work properly, the iron core material should be made of pure iron or silicon steel (they can be magnetized and demagnetized. Thank to this behaviour, it will get magnetized/demagnetized quickly when the coil is powered/unpowered.

Please note: the electromagnetic can withstand long-term electrify when attracted onto the surface of an object but it should not be electrified for a long time when there is nothing to attract.

Holding force ?!?!

An feature of the electromagnet it the "Holding Force", but what does it means? What does the "Holding force" means?

An holding force of 3 Kg does not mean that you can pick and hold a weight of 3Kg with the Magnet. You have to divide the Holding Force by 5-10 to get a rough estimate of weight of object (that can be lifted up).

Note that max pick-up weight also depend on:

  • how flat is the surface of contact
  • how large if the surface of contact
  • the composition of the objet (ferromagnetic metal content).

A perfectly flat steel cube will work great. An oddly shaped object, a rubber covered object, a plastic object containing metal will not work the best.

Technical details

  • Rated Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated Power: 1W
  • Holding Force: 3kg
  • Wire Length: 28cm


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x 5V Electromagnet (3Kg Holding Force)
  • 1x Mounting screw
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