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Small Infrared/Porximity sensor - HC-SR501


Motion detector/ Infrared proximity type PIR

  • Power: 5 - 16V
  • Signal: 3V
  • shorter distance

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Detect movement all around with a small PIR sensor

PIR sensors are used by humanoid robots to detect movement in the close environment.
PIR sensors technology is also heavily used in alarm systems (but have mode advanced capabilities).

The model show here is the young brother of our very popular PIR sensor and the range of detection is closer (from 1 to 3m). This sensor is suited for experiment and close detection.

This sensor have a pot to adjust the signal time when the event is detected (about 0.3 to 5 seconds). The sensitivity can also be adjusted.

This sensor can be powered with a voltage between 5V (to 16V).

Please note: the connection wires are nos included but you can use Dupont prototyping wires (or any 2.54mm connectors)

Technical details

  • Power supply: 5V! (unstable at 3.3V) to 16V
  • Output signal: digital, high level at 3.3V (Raspberry-Pi compatible).
  • Distance: 1 to 3m
  • length: 24.03mm
  • Width: 32.34mm
  • distance between fixing hall: 28mm
  • fixing hole (diameter for screw): 2mm
  • Height (with the lens): 24.66mm
  • Weight: 5.87g


  • A french tutorial with wiring and Arduino code example available on our Wiki. Wiring is identical for this sensor.
  • This other tutorial (in french) with the wiring and code sample for the Raspberry PI. Wiring identical for this sensor.
  • AdaFruit also offers a detailed english with connexions schematic, project ideas, code sample, etc.


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