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Blue anodized aluminium case for MicroPython PyBoard


  • Blue anodized aluminium
  • Laser-engraved labels
  • Tactile switch

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A robust and beautiful case for the pyboard. This enclosure will fit with all versions of the pyboard. It is made out of machined aluminum and then anodized to give it this splendid blue color. The labels are laser-engraved.
This version of the case has an open lid to allowing access to female header pins (those connectors on the top of the pyboard),
This board is perfect for hacking!

If you have a pyboard with female header pins soldered in then you can place it in this enclosure and all the pyboard's functionality are still be available.
Openings are done on the upper end of the case, so you can easily plug SD-card and micro-USB cable.

Small holes on the top of the lid allows you to see the LEDs enclosed within the PyBoard. The two switched RST and USR are accessibles via 2 tactiles tappet that can be placed into the LID before closing the case. The LID is secured on the base with screws. 4 rubbers feet are also included, place them under the base to safely stabilize the case on your desk.

Key features

  • Machined aluminum (blue anodization)
  • Laser-engraved labels (on the top)
  • Cut-outs on the top for access to female header pins on the pyboard
  • 2 tactile buttons
  • 4 small holes to view the LEDs on the pyboard
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Opening  to access the SD card and USB connector of the pyboard
  • Also slots to access the I/O connectors from the sides


  • Top aluminum lid with cut-outs for header pins
  • Bottom aluminum base
  • 2 tactile button extensions
  • 4 rubber feet
  • 4 screws
  • Dimensions: 59.0mm x 48.0mm x 14.0mm
  • Weight: 42.5g

Pyboard and headers are not included


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