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3.3V Solar Power supply - AA rechargeable battery allowed


Solar power - 3.3v output - able to recharge a AA battery

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Sometime a hidden part of a catalog can reveal a jowel! Behind its sober appearance, here is a very interesting product.

This Olimex product was designed for the MSP430 kit but it can also been used in your own projects to create an autonomous low power 3.3v device.

Under the roof, this module is composed of a solar panel (2.4V 80mA) and a DC/DC step-up converter that bring the voltage to 3.3V.
In option, a socket can hold a 1.2V AA Rechargeable battery. The battery is loaded with the solar panel et will be used to power the DC/DC converter (when there no sun available).

Considering the characteristics, this product shoud be used with low power project... but if you wanted to use this mocule with a low power microcontroleur (or other)... with deep-sleeping microcontroleur then this product will be an interesting approach for autonomous project.

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Solar panel with 2.4V DC / 80 mA power supply (under direct sun lighting on it with 90 degree to sun rays)
  • Battery holder for 1.2V single cell re-chargeable battery
  • DC/DC voltage boost converter 1.2 VDC to 3.3VDC
    NCP1400ASN38T1G de ON Semicondutor (max 100mA)
  • Female IDC connector for direct plug to MSP430 target boards with JTAG connector
    See the product image to identify the +3.3v and GND on the connecteur.
  • Dimensions: ~ 56 x 48 mm


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