LED RGB Variante Diffuse
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10x RGB diffuse LEDs - variant color

10x Diffuse RGB 5mm LEDs with color variation (slow fade)

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RGB LED (red green blue) diffuse - color variation (slow fade)

Here is a really interesting diffused RGB LED - instead of having 4 pins to control the color of the 3 LEDs separately, this model only has two pins (one for power, the other for ground/GND). When powered, these LEDs perform a slow color variation, thus automatically and gradually crossing all the colors of the rainbow, from red to orange then to yellow, then to green, blue, magentate, purple, etc. until they come back to red and start a new cycle. The videos below present this variation and its speed (nb: the colors are nicer in reality, in fact CCD sensors are often more sensitive to blue, which makes it more "dominant" on a video... the human eye is much finer and the result is much more shimmering).

It is not possible to modify the variation 'program', nor the variation speed because these LEDs are pre-programmed (in the LED itself). The LEDs all have the same variation program, however, the manufacture of these LEDs introduces a random variable, which makes it impossible to synchronize them with each other (they end up having cycles that gradually desynchronize).

If you want an RGB LED providing a precise color cycle, we invite you to consult the product sheet of the mini RGB LED kit which can be finely controlled using a microcontroller (see our tutorial).

These are really bright LEDs, we think they reach around 1000 mcd. They diffuse the color really well, which allows you to appreciate the color cycle from any angle of view.
The direct voltage (forward voltage) of this LED is about 3.4V CC (DC) but it is possible to power it using a Lithium CR2032 battery (see on google image).

We don't have a product sheet but the current remains quite stable under different voltages and colors measured at 3.4V it is approximately 20mA and at 3.0V approximately 10mA.


  • Supplied in a pack of 10 variant LEDs (5mm LEDs) 

Note: Use a 150 Ohm resistor (green-blue-brown) suitable for a supply voltage of 4.5v to 6v.


Here are some ideas for implementing this superb product that we really appreciate.

  • BallTree project - a cool little decorative project using variant LEDs 
  • Display of a status (from a microcontroller) ATTRACTIVE due to the variant nature of the color.
  • Daisy chain mounting... the most beautiful effect
  • Placed in a semi-transparent/opaque element (ex: a ping-pong ball), this can produce a result of the most beautiful effect (see our second video). 
  • Bright animation of decorative assembly.
  • Luminous timer (for example on a decorative "desktop" tree using a microcontroller, turning off an LED every 1/5/10 minutes, allows for a fairly nice time evolution).

Video examples

Or that other video where the LEDs have been encased in translucent ping pong balls (cheap type so they're almost transparent). 

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