Noods - Filament LED flexible - 3V 300mm - Blanc Chaud
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Noods - Filament LED flexible - 3V 300mm - Blanc Chaud

Fledxible LED filament

  • Vf: 3V
  • Imax: 50mA
  • Length: 300mm
  • Warm white

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Flexible LED filament - Warm White

If you like Noodles (Chinese noodles) then this produit will not appeal your curiosity. This is a 30cm long LED filaments that light up as soon as they are powered and remains as flexible as a noodles! Whoaw! Adafruit named this product "Noods" since Noodles are regularly called Noods in New-York. Just remember that the product cannot be eaten ;-)

Back to the electronic world, these LED filaments exists in various lengths and various colors. They will allow your to create luminous forms/contour producing the most beautiful light effect. By combining the colors it is also possible to achieve luminous effects.

These flexible LED filaments are composed of dozens of micro LEDs connected together on an ultra flexible conductive support (you can wrap it around the finger) and inserted into a silicone section. You can supply this filament with 3V since the LEDs are assembled in parallel. It will be necessary to provide a resistor to limit the current to 50mA max. And like LED diodes, it is also possible to control the brightness using a PWM signal (and a transistor).

The filament lights up with a voltage of 3V (Vf), the anode (+) can be identified thanks to the small hole present in the connector. If you connect it wrong, just reverse the connections.