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5x Mounting Clip for 5mm LED


5x convex mounting clip for 5mm LED

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We propose lot of boxes on the WebShop. Having nice boxes that's cool. However mounting LED on the box in a nice and smart way would be better.
The LED mounting clip .

With this clip, you have to drill a hole of 7.8mm diameter, then clip the LED inside the mounting clip and finally place the "LED + mounting clip" inside the hole drilled in the box.

This clip have a conical head wich offer a very nice finishing on your box.

Technical details

  • For 5mm LED
  • Diametre : 7.8mm
  • Convex outspread at 9mm diameter.
  • Height of the LED holder (inside the box): 10mm
  • Conical head height (on the top of the box): 3mm
  • Box thickness: 1.5mm (2mm MAX)


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