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Flat HDMI cable - 1.4M


Flat HDMI cable - 1.4m long

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An efficient and affordable HDMI cable for your nano-computer

Connect two HDMI computer devices together with this flat 140cm HDMI cable. It offers molded plug which offers good handling. This is a nice cable to wire a monitor on your Raspberry-Pi for a correct price.

You can use this HDMI cable to wire the Pi (or your computer) to a monitor. We do use it at MC Hobby for our own purpose. This wire is flat, thin and flexible... very practical and more easy to handle than video HDMI cable (because he is mode flexible).

It is an HDMI 1.4a.

For computer purpose only

We recommend this product for computer based usage. It is not suited for HiRes Video display (like media center with Raspberry, HD streaming).
This cable is not armored, does not have ferrite (for noise filtering) and is flat (wires are not twisted together). This would results in interference with high rate signal and continuously changing high throughput signal, this will cause incorrect pixel color here and there while playing high-res/HD video. Transient white dot while playing video is not pleasant. So we recommend to use this cable only for IT purpose.
If you need an HDMI cable for video purpose, we would recommend this product.


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