Gravity: Analog AC Current Sensor (20A)
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Gravity: Analog AC Current Sensor (10A)

Gravity : AC current measurement

  • Non invasive
  • 0 - 10A
  • Analog output : 0.2 to 2.8V CC
  • Power supply : 3.3 - 5V
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Non-invasive current measurement 10A with interface board to simplify acquisition on microcontroler

When you want to measure the current on the domestic circuit (AC voltage), things quickly become very complicated. If in addition we don't want to modify the installation to insert a sensor then we must opt ​​for a non-invasive sensor.

The Gravity sensor range includes a non-invasive current sensor with an interface board allowing to eliminate welding operations and modification of the installation, but in addition, the interface board takes care of all the complexity of data acquisition and generation of an analog signal between 0.2 and 2.8V proportional to the current flowing in the electrical circuit.

As it is a 0-10A sensor, the output voltage of 0.8V corresponds to 10/2.8*0.8 = 2.85A. An output voltage of 1.25V corresponds to 10/2.8*1.25 = 4.46A.

To operate correctly the ampermeter plier must trap only one of the two power supply wires of the electrical appliance (if two wires are trapped in the plier then the result will always be 0A since all the current which enters by one wire leaves by the other ).

Typical applications for this type of sensor are: monitoring of AC motors, current measurement on electrical or lighting equipment, monitoring of household consumption.

For each order, you will receive an alternative capture probe (10A), an interface board with analog output and an analog gravity cable


  • Non-contact measurement, high safety
  • Multiple ranges for various measurement scenarios
  • Compatible with 3V3/5V micro-controller

Technical details

AC Current Signal Conversion Module

  • Input Voltage (VCC): 3.3V-5.5V
  • Interface: Gravity Analog (PH2.0-3P,analog voltage output 0.2-2.8V DC)
  • AC Voltage Input Range: 0-1V (AC RMS)
  • Relative Error: +/- 4%
  • Dimension: 32×27 mm
  • Weight: 5g

Open Type AC Transformer Probe

  • AC Current Range: 0-10A
  • Signal Output (standard Φ3.5mm 3P plug): 0-1V AC voltage, linear corresponding range 0-10A
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Non-linearity: ≤±0.2%
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz~1kHz
  • Cable Length: 1m
  • Working Temperature: -25 ℃~+70 ℃
  • Opening Size: 13×13 mm / 0.51×0.51 in
  • Weight: 50g