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Digital Adjustable Infrared Proximity Sensor


Infrared Proximity Sensor

  • Adjustable (3 to 80cm)
  • Digital output
  • Power supply : 5V

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Infrared distance sensor to detect the presence/absence of an object

Here is a very practical infrared distance sensor for automation projects. This allows you to adjust the detection distance between 3cm and 80cm. It's small, easy to assemble and use. In addition, it's also an affordable sensor.

Unlike some other sensor capable of calculating a distance and returning the digital value to a microcontroller, this one activates and sends back a digital signal (up/down) when the object comes close enough to the sensor (below the adjusted distance ).

This sensor is used in robotics, on industrial production lines, assembly lines or any other automated system needing to detect the presence or absence of an object at a given distance. This sensor is very easy to reuse from project to project, its adjustment screw (at the back) allows to reconfigure it very quickly for another use. An ideal sensor for rapid prototyping.

The wavelength used by this sensor is part of the visible light spectrum (of natural light). In fact it will work better indoors and it is not advisable to use it outdoors (or it will be disturbed by sunlight) and in the presence of a reflective surface.

On a robot, this sensor can be used to detect the presence of a wall, or even to move along the wall.

Using this sensor is really simple.

  • Brown: +5V
  • Black: Signal
  • Blue: GND

Technical detail

  • Power supply: 5V
  • Current: 100mA
  • Range: 3 - 80cm adjustable (rear)
  • Dimension: 45 x 18 x 18 mm
  • Interface: digital, signal High/Low


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