Fil à Coude CONDUCTEUR (Fin) - 23m
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CONDUCTIVE sewing thread (Medium) - 18m

Conductive sewing thread (Medium) - 18m - 3 yarns

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CONDUCTIVE sewing thread for wearable project

Here is a common thread that you can consider as the "Ultimate common thread". It is thin, strong, smooth and completely made using 316L stainless steel. Once you have started working with this thread you will quickly be convinced that it is optimal for all types of garment works requiring some electrical conductivity!

This three strand yarn, a little thicker than everyday polyester and cotton yarn but still thin enough to be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine capable of sewing 'chunky' yarns. This yarn is ideal for E-Textile/wearable projects because it is strong and smooth. With a resistance of 16 ohms each 30cm, you can use this wire to drive LEDs and other electronic components that require less than ~100mA.

It does not oxidize like silver (become blackish) because it is made of stainless steel fiber: your project will not stop working after a few months due to oxidation and it can also be washed.
However, this thread is a little stiff (a bit like "waxed thread"), it is not ideal for making gloves compatible with iPhone. If you want to sew conductive threads in the finger of a glove then it is better to use thick threads

Supplied in metal or plastic reel of 18 meters. Also available as 2 yarn strand sewing thread

Technical details

  • 0.25mm tickness.
  • 3 yarn strand.
  • .85 Ohm per each. 1.7 Ohms each 5cm


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