Gemma M0 - plateforme wearable miniature à base de M0
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Gemma M0 - plateforme wearable miniature à base de M0

Microcontroller cortex M0

  • ATSAMD21E18 @ 48MHz
  • 256KB Flash
  • 32KB RAM
  • 3 GPIO, digital or analog
  • 1PWM
  • NeoPixel compatible
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Gemma M0, the miniature Wearable plateform

The Gemma M0 from Adafruit is a microcontroller board which is very small but with enough of the features to creates toons of simple projects. Gemma is round and cute, large as coin and with alligator friendly pads.

This little board is propeled with the powerful M0 microcontroler (the ATSAMD21E18) this one is powerful enough to run CircuitPython (a MicroPython flavour) and have an embedeed filesystem inside de Flash memory.

The Gemma M0 will offer a new innovative way to create wearable project! It's just as small, and it's easier to use, so you can do more.

Gemma M0 is exciting because it can be used with Arduino IDE and Adafruit ship it with the ready to use CircuitPython firmware. When the gemma is plugged on a computer, it show himself as a small disk drive containing the file. Edit with a text editor to code your project with Python (the most popular programming language of the world). No software to install, no need for an IDE, no need for a compiler. So you can use it on any computer, any operating system... it will also work with a ChromeBooks.

When your code is ready and saved, unplug the Gemma M0 and your code will go with you.

Feature of the Gemma M0:

  • Same size, form-factor, and pinout as classic Gemma
  • Made for Arduino IDE or CircuitPython
  • ATSAMD21E18 32-bit Cortex M0+ microcontroler
  • 256KB Flash (8x as much as 8 KB on ATtiny85)
  • 32 KB RAM (64x as much as 512 bytes on ATtiny85)
  • 48 MHz clock speed (6x faster)
  • Native USB support -  compatible with every OS - can be used in Arduino. Can be used with CircuitPython as USB serial console, Keyboard/Mouse HID and little disk drive for storing Python scripts.
  • RGB DotStar LED
  • 1x True analog output I/O pad (can be used to play 10-bit quality audio)
  • 2x PWM outputs (on other two I/O Pads) for servos, LEDs, etc
  • The 3 pads have hardware capacitive touch sensors (no additional components needed).
  • Can drive NeoPixels or DotStars (on any pins). The board has enough memory to drive up to 8000 pixels. Note: DMA support on one pin so you can drive NeoPixels without having to spend any processor time on it.
  • Native hardware I2C - connect I2C sensor on hardware I2C.
  • Native Serial - connect serial device like GPS with hardware serial support.
  • Reset switch for starting your project code over
  • On/Off switch
  • JST battery connector: plug AAA battery holder or LiPoly battery (no charging capability, so safe to use with NiMH/Alkalines)


for each order, you will receive a fully assembled (and tested) Gemma M0.

The board is shipped with CircuitPython firmware and example code programmed in.


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