Feather TFT 2.2" Case - 3D
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WHITE Feather TFT 2.2" Case - 3D

Case for Feather 2.2" TFT wing - 3D Printed Case

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The TFT Feather 2.2" touch screen is marvelous... but having a nice case, well finished would even be better. A case that will offer a professional aspect to your project.
We did discover this case (this product) while translating the tutorial "ESP8266 meteo station with Feather TFT Wing" to french.

The 3D printed case designed by the Ruiz Brother was so wonderful that we decided to print it in batch an propose it for sale. So customer without 3D Printer can also have the chance to use the case.

This case is printed with PLA and available in various color.
The case is composed of 2 items that are maintained together with a nice and ingenious clipping system.

The case is large enough to hold the TFT, the Feather and a LiPo battery (small size) and some additional electronic parts when needed.
As the Feather is directly plugged on the back of TFT screen the TFT + Feather are very compacte which offer some prototyping room in the case.

The case is designed to be used in different way. You can lay it down on a table or use it "standing". You can also hold the case on the fridge by sticking magnets in the back of the case.

This case does also have a slot to receive an optional slide switch. An opening for the Feather's microUSB connector to ease the power and programming of the Feather. One other opening is made in front of the TFT's microSD connector.

The front face

The front face has a tickness of 1.5mm. The face is designed to receive the TFT Wing.
On the rear side of the face, there is 4 "plugs/pins" designed to receive and easily secure the TFT Wing on the back of the face.

The case

The wall's tickness made 1mm width. The case contains enough place to include some sensors and electronic component. The original project use this place to store a Lipo battery.  

The case also have several openning for the tft & feather connetors.

Content: for each order, you will receive a WHITE case composed of the "face" and "back" of the case. All the other items used for illustrate the box usage are not included (eg: feather, TFT screen, cables, etc)

3D Printed

Here some additional explanation to avoids misundertood about this case.
This case is a 3D printed object and not a mouled case. The material used to print the case is also mentionned in the section "technical details".
The proposed product does have a good finishing and we take a great care to keep the quality/price ratio at the best to propose an affordable product. It is always possible to have the "top of the top" results in 3D printing but we also keep in mind that we want to propose an efficient and practical object (not an work of art).

If you had some time to spend then you can apply a post-treatment to your printed box in order to improve the finishing and aspect of your case. We have a tutorial about it (but it is a french tutorial).

Technical details

  • Width: 63.7mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Deep: 25mm (dimension extérieur, couvercle inclus)
  • Cover tickness: ~1.5mm
  • Case tickness: ~1.1mm
  • Made with PLA, 1.75mm filament, 0.15mm printer resolution.
  • Source: this is an open-source case, source are available here from the Adafruit product sheet.
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