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Digital Hall effect sensor - US5881LUA + Extra


Hall effect sensor - Sensitive to magnetic fields

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Detect the nearby magnet with ease

Hall effect sensor detect if a magnet is nearby. There are very useful to constitute a sensor WITHOUT contact or sensor resistant to water. 
They can also be used as position sensor, encoder, rotation detector. Of all the hall effect sensor, this one is certainly one of the best.

This sensor works perfectly with "rare earth" magnets that we also offer on our WebShop.

The digital sensor proposed here aims to inform you whether or not there is a magnetic field. If you want to measure the intensity of a magnetic field (realize a Gauss meter), we recommend to use a analog Hall effect sensor like this one.


  • A hall effect sensor US5881LUA.
    Can be replaced by a US8334, US8429 or other USxxx number according to the supply but the main features remain similar and adequate for Hobbyism.
  • A resistance of 10 KOhms (Pull-up resistance)


Works with a supply voltage of 3.5V to 24V.

Connect the power supply on pin 1 (on the left), the mass/GND on pin 2 (middle) and finally, a Pull-up resistance of 10K Ohms from pin 3 to the power supply.

Then, watch the voltage on pin 3, when the SOUTH pole of a magnet passes near the front of the sensor, the pin 3 goes to 0 V. Otherwise, the voltage is the one imposed by de pull up resistance (so that of power supply).

Warning: this sensor is uni-polar, so nothing happens if it is the north pole of the magnet that passes near of the sensor.



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