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Compact magnetic switch


Compact magnetic door contact inserted in a molded plastic support

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Door openning detector, simple and efficient

This sensor is mainly a magnetic contact commonly called "reed switch". The contact is inserted in a molded plastic support. At rest, therefore without solicitation of the magnet, the reed switch is open (no connection between the two wires).

The other half of the sensor is a magnet. When the magnet is within 13mm of the switch, it closes.

This type of sensor is mainly used to detect the opening of a cabinet door, which is why it is supplied with fixing lugs and screws. The latter are also equipped with double-sided tapes for easy installation without having to screw the screws.


  • Reed switch + corresponding magnet
  • 4 fixing screws
  • The application of a double-sided tape (to facilitate positioning)
  • 25 cm of wires to connect more easily the Reed Switch on your projects.

Technical details

To mount a magnetic door contact, we suggest that you have a 10kOhms resistor and a 100Ohms protection resistor.

  • Reed switch normally open
  • ABS molded plastic
  • Maximum current: 100 mA
  • Maximum voltage: 200 VDC
  • Activation distance: 10-15mm
  • Cases size (by case): 27mm x 14mm x 8.7mm
  • Length of the cable: 25cm
  • Weight (by case): ~5.2g


Since the magnetic door contact behaves exactly like a push button, it is not necessary to provide anything other than resistors to mount a pull-up circuit (or pull-down) according to your choice.


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