Proximity/Movement Infrared Sensor
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Proximity/Movement Infrared Sensor

Nano movement/proximity PIR sensor

  • Power: 2.7 to 12V DC
  • Signal: 3V logic
  • Distance: 3 to 5m
  • Activation: 2 seconds (repeatable)
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Nano PIR movement detector  - SB312

This micro proximity/movement detector is used to detect movement near of the dome. With its conic angle of 100° (conic) each movement next to the sensor will be detected. As soon as the movement is detected, its output is set to high level (3.0V) for 2 seconds and falls to low level as soon as the movement ends.

This sensor can be powered from 2.7V to 12V, which is great to power it from a low voltage microcontroler like the Raspberry-Pi Pico (or nano computer like the Pi-Zero). What ever is the is the powering voltage, the output signal stays at 3.0V :-)

Another great feature of this sensor is its very small size of 19mm depth (without connector) x 12mm (dome diameter). As the board is already fitted with connector, so it is easy to plug it onto breadboard or wired with dupond wire.

Technical details

  • Voltage: 2.7 to 12V DC
  • Power: < 0.1 mA
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Block time: 2 seconds
  • Trigger mode: repeatable
  • Range: <= 100 degrees (conic), 3 to 5 meters (according to datasheet)
  • Temperature: -20 to + 60 °C
  • Size:
    • 10mm * 10mm (without dome)
    • 19mm depth (with dome, without connector)
    • 12mm dome diameter
  • SB312 PIR sensor datasheet (pdf)
Data sheet