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Motion detection via microwave radar


Motion / proximity detection 

  • Microwave
  • 2-16 m (continuously adjustable)
  • Interface : digital (gravity connector 3 pins)
  • 5V
  • SEN0192

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Gravity: Digital Microwave Sensor (Motion Detection)

This sensor use the Doppler Effect to detect motion and movements. To be more pratical to understand, the Doppler effect is usually described with soundwaves. This sensor do not use soundwave to detection motion but quite shorten waves... so shorten that we reach the microwave area. Don't worry, we are not about to cook anything here!

The doppler effect is quite different from the regular sensors using infrared (IR). Microwave is sensitive to a variety of objects that are microwave-reflective (so looootttt of objects) and its readings are not affected by the ambient temperature (as IR sensors are).

Microwave sensor are used in industrial, transportation and civil applications. They can measure liquid level, object motion detection (automatic door), vehicle speed, material detection on a production line, car reversing detector, etc.

Microwave detection offers some advantages:

  • Non-contact detection
  • Readings not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust or light.
    Well adapted to harsh environments
  • Strong resistance to radio frequency interference
  • Low output (unharmful to human)
  • Wide detection range
  • high velocity detection
  • Can detect non-living object.

Technical details

  • Voltage: 5V + 0.25V
  • Current (CW): 60mA max., 37mA typical
  • Interface: digital (Gravity 3-Pin interface)
  • Size: 48.5 x 63mm
  • Emission parameters:
    • Detection Distance: 2-16m continuously adjustable
    • Frequency: 10.525 GHz
    • Precision Frequency Setting: 3MHz
    • Output Power (minimum): 13dBm EIRP
    • Harmonic Emission: < -10dBm
    • Average Current (5%DC): 2mA typ.
    • Pulse Width (Min.): 5µSec
    • Load Cycle (Min.): 1%
  • Reception Parameters:
    • Sensitivity:(10dB S/N ratio) 3Hz to 80Hz
    • Bandwidth: -86 dBm
    • 3Hz to 80Hz Bandwidth Clutter: 10uV
    • Antenna Gain: 8dBi
    • Vertical 3dB Beam Width: 36 degrees
    • Level 3dB Beam Width: 72 degrees



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