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2.2" color TFT - microSD - SPI -breakout



Color TFT breakout

  • Diagonal: 2.2"
  • Coulor: 18 bits (262144 shades)
  • Connector: microSD
  • bus: SPI
  • Ready 3.3 / 5V
  • Driver: ILI9340 or compatible
  • Breakout

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A TFT color display as SPI breakout for embedded project

This little breakout display is the best way to complete your project with a small and colorful display. It use the SPI bus (4 wires) to communicate with the host. The display also have its own pixel-addressable frame buffer, so it has a very low memory footprint. You can use this display CSTN with any microcontroller without impacting the memory, you just need few  pins available!

The 2.2" display brings 320x240 color pixels. Unlike the low cost CSTN LCD display (Super-Twisted nematic display wikipedia) this display offers rich and vivid colors and high refresh rate, this product is a true TFT!

This TFT use the ILI9340 TFT Driver (or compatible) to display 18-bit color image (262,144 colors!). As the TFT always populated with the same driver chip so you don't need to worry about your code and compatibility.

The TFT display is soldered on the board (with a flex-circuit connector) and accompagnied with an ultra-low-dropout 3.3V regulator and level shifters. This means can you can use this screen with a 3.3V or 5V power and logic.

As the screen still have some free room, Adafruit did added a microSD card holder. With it, you can load color bitmaps from a SD Card (FAT16/FAT32). microSD card not included.

Adafruit provide an Arduino library that can be easily ported to your favorite microcontroller!
The wiring is easy and straightforward. For better experience we recommend the usage of hardware SPI bus (software SPI is slower and this can be noticed on this size of display).

Technical details

  • LCD TFT display 2.2" diagonal
  • Resolution : 320x240 resolution,
  • color: 18-bit (262,144)
  • 4 wire SPI digital interface - this display talks in '8-bit' SPI check the Arduino library source for how to communicate
  • Built-in microSD slot - uses 2 more digital lines
  • 5V compatible! Use with 3.3V or 5V logic For the level shifter we use the CD74HC4050 which has a typical propagation delay of ~10ns
  • Onboard 3.3V @ 150mA LDO regulator
  • 4 white LED backlight throught transistor (you can PWM to control the backlight)
  • 2.54mm spaced header (easy breadboarding)
  • Board Dimensions: 40.63mm x 66.35mm x 6.05mm
  • LCD Size: 55.23mm x 40mm x 2.46mm
  • Weight: 18.43g
  • With 100% backlight: current draw is approx 100mA.
    The current draw is based mostly on the backlight.
  • Adafruit Fritzing Library
  • ILI9340 (datasheet) controller with built in pixel-addressable video RAM buffer
  • Display datasheet
  • EagleCAD files on GitHub



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