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HDMI + Audio display panel for Raspberry-PI - 1280x800 - 10" IPS

TFT 10'' IPS - without frame, for panel mounting

  • Stereo Audio Driver (4 Ohms 3W, not included)
  • 10.1" IPS (wide angle of view)
  • 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Power Supply: 9 to 12V (not included)
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Create your own infotainment system with a wide view angle IPS screen of 10" and high resolution

Create a nice audio/video display with a 10.1" IPS screen with HDMI stereo speaker support.
This screen would be great for video where it offers a bright 10.1" TFT display and a high resolution. The best is the great angle-visibility offered by the IPS technology!
This screen would be a great option for computer based projects as it is the thinnest, brightest, highest resolution display found for 10" diagonal. This "raw" display with mounting pad can be used to create a tablet or ultra flat solution.

The kit includes a driver board supporting various entries like HDMI, VGA, composites (NTSC/PAL) together with stereo output for 4 ohm (3W) speakers. The board auto-detect which input is used and automatically switch to it -OR- you can also use the OSD menu to select it manually. Putting it to work is fairly easy - simply connect the power supply (9 to 12VDC, 2.1mm jack center-positive) before connecting the video source to one of the ports. Don't forget to connect the speaker s to the SPK output pins... TaDaaa we have a gorgeous display!

The kit also includes an extra button board to activate the On Screen Display giving access to configuration like brightness, color and contrast. It also includes the plug-in cable to connect to the 4 pins of speaker output (labeled LOUT+/- and ROUT+/-) solder them to your own speakers.

Please note that it will not work with a device that only outputs DVI (you will need a DVI to HDMI converter), it will not work either with SECAM. Not HDCP compatible - it cannot be used with 'secured' HDMI sources.


The display, the control board and some cables.
The power adapter and speakers ARE NOT included, stand, Raspberry-Pi and other items are not included.
You will need a 9V or 12VDC adapter (also available on this shop)

Configure it for the Raspberry-Pi

This screen has been tested with a Raspberry Pi but will also work when connected to any HDMI, VGA or NTSC/PAL device.

IF the resolution is not auto-detected properly THEN you can edit your "config.txt" file to set the HDMI to 1280x800.

# All overscan_xxx are commented
# framebuffer_width and framebuffer_height are under comment
# uncomment to force a specific
# HDMI mode Group 2 and Mode 28 is 1280x800 @ 60hz

Technical details

  • Datasheet for Driver
  • Datasheet for Button panel
  • Power with 9-12VDC
  • 16:10 display ratio
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Visible area: 217mm x 135mm
  • Brightness: 350cd/m2
  • Contrast: 800:1
  • Shipped with a an HSD101PWW1 display, or equivalent
  • Display size: 230mm x 150 x 5.2 mm
  • Not HDCP compatible - it cannot be used with 'secured' HDMI sources
  • Weight: 165gr for screen + 82gr of components

Current draw:

  • 7V: 660mA
  • 8V: 575mA
  • 9V: 515mA
  • 10V: 450mA
  • 11V: 415mA
  • 12V: 380mA
Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W, Pi 3A, Pi 3B+, Pi 4, Pi 400, Pi 5, Zero 2 W
Interface : Connector
Video : HDMI, Video RF, Video : VGA
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