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120 diodes set


Set of 120 diodes - 4 models + rectifier bridge

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A kit of diodes with 120 items

Often useful, the diodes allows the current to flow through only one way (from the "plus" side to the "minus" side).
The way you plug a diode is very important, it must be plug in the right way to make it working properly.
It is like a "one way" cat hatch, it opens only when the cat want to enter the house (otherwise is stay closed... and the cat  cannot go outside).

The minus side (-) of a diode is usually identified with a black (or white) band.

This set also contains 2 rectifier brigdes. The rectifier bridges are composed with 4 diodes and are commonly used to create AC power supply. The rectifier bridge is able to convert an alternative voltage to a DC voltage (you will need some extra componant).


  • 50x Diodes 1N4148, VR=75 volts, IF (dc)=0.2A
  • 50x Diodes 1N4007, VR=1000 volts, IF (dc)=1A
  • 14x Diodes 1N5408, VR=1000 volts, IF (dc)=3A
  • 4x Diodes 6A6, VR=600 volts, IF (dc)=6A
  • 2x Rectifier Bridge 110B2 (W01G), VR=100 Volts, IF (dc)=1.5A


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