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100x female crimping connector 22-28 AWG, 2.54mm housing


100x female grimping connector

  • for 2.54mm housing
  • Wires from 28 to 22 AWG
  • Breadboard compatible
  • PCX connector

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Female crimping pins to create your custom wiring

This pins can be used to crimp wire before placing the crimped item into the selected Dupont housing (also called "2.54mm housing"). By using a crimping tool, you can create your own personalised wire set.

The pins exists as male or female connector both compatible with Dupont housing. The pins can be used with 22 to 28AWG wire. Please note that insulation of 22 AWG wire (~0.5mm²) would be more difficult to crimp inside the pin, mainly because the insulating is thicker on 22AWG wire (in this cas, you can reduce a insulate thickness with a striper tool or knife tool to help yourself).

These female connectors are compatible with the standard pinHeader (2.54mm spacing) which are available on many prototyping plateforms and breakout (eg: ICSP connector).

A bag contains 100 connectors, which is not a lot when you start to create your own connectors.


Foreach order, you will receive a bag with 100 connectors.


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