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Spring terminal connector - 2 terminals


5 x Spring terminal bloc - 2 terminals - with spring - spacing 2.54mm

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If you have wire connections in your project then you know that the sensors maintenance and other items may be painful if you have to use you iron to unsolder them from the board.

This terminal blocs will ease the wiring and you will love them! No screw, no screwdriver... hurra hurra, here the spring terminals.
With a spring terminal, you push your wire inside. To release your wire, you must release the spring by lifting up the orange par. This terminal bloc works best with one-core wire  (or stained multi-core wire) that can be simply pushed inside the the terminal. If you want to use multi-core wire, you must twist it first, after you lift up the orange part (to release the sprint) and then you insert the twisted multi-core wire before releasing the spring.
Voila, that's rock!

This terminal is really suited for hobbyist activities. You can use them on prototyping board and perfboard (the spacing is 2.54mm), please see our picture with the Perma-Proto prototyping board.

Technical details

  • Able to support 6A under 125v
  • Wire diameter 0.13 to 0.5mm² (AWG: 26 to 20)
  • Can be used to mean power motors and sensors.
  • No screwdriver needed
  • Prototyping board / perfboard COMPATIBLE (spacing 2.54mm)!
  • Blocs can be used side-by-side, so you can create any lenght wanted.

Warning: those blocs are not suited for the breaboard (it is not easy to insert them!). We recommand to used them with prototyping board and perfboard.


  • 5 x spring terminal blocs (2 terminals)


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