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micro USB - Type B - DIY connector


USB Type Micro B Male Connector - weld

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A micro USB connector - B type - to create your own USB cables

There is more and more equipment with USB connectivity... and we often use one (or more) USB cable whose length is not adapted to our need or our project. 

USB cables that run throughout a project, it can be embarrassing and unsightly. So why not make your own cable... stack to the required length?        This is what this connector allows. It is designed so that the pins accessible. However, the micro USB plug is so small that a certain amount of dexterity is desirable if you want to weld this connector with a hobbyist iron.  
The impaction connector remains very far from the industry standards (phew) but it remains quite dense and therefore less affordable for beginners welding. 
Tip: Think about tinning your wires with a small surplus of tin to facilitate assembly by recasting on the connector.


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