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IDC 2x20 Male to FPC 40 pins ribbon - 0.5mm spacing


Adapter from IDC to FPC ribon

  • IDC 2x20 male
  • FPC ribon 40
  • Pitch 0.5mm

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0.5mm 40-pins FPC to Straight 2x20 IDC Male Plug

Here is a solution to extend the GPIO of your Raspberry-Pi. This adapter is a conversion board between a 40-pin FPC (Fabricated Printed Circuit) to 2x20 IDC male connector.

Using this adapter will allow the 40 pins of the Raspberry-Pi GPIO to be moved a fairly large distance. Simply plug this connector into your Raspberry Pi. Then, keeping an eye on pin 1, insert the FPC ribbon into the flex connector of the adapter.

You can use any 40 pin 0.5mm FPC ribon that allows an 'A-B' connection. If you want to extend even more, it is possible to use an intermediate extension adapter. Finally, use the corresponding "FPC to pin" adapter to plug in the HAT of your choice at the other end.


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