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Female RJ45 dapter to 8x clip connector


RJ45 adapter to clips

  • female RJ45 connector
  • 8x clips connector
  • also known as 8P8C

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Create your own DIY's based Ethernet cables connection with this RJ45 female connector

We all have some Ethernet / Network cables (male - male) available at home. Those cables have length from 0.5m to 10 meters.

And now, we can also use such cable to transmit project's signal over a long distance without the hardness of wires tangle! As a network cable is made of several pairs of wire we do have 2x wires for each pairs (except if you need differential transmission pairs which is suited for long distance transmission, see this product for differential transmission).

With this great connector to ship signals we can inject the signal into one end of the network cable and fetch those signals at the other end of the cables :-)

Simple and efficient.

Note: we do not recommend to inject DIY signals on a network cable still wired to a network appliance. This could damage or destroy the network (or your project).


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