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Male RJ45 adapter to 8x screw terminals


RJ45 to terminal connector

  • male RJ45 connector
  • 8x screw terminal
  • Known as 8P8C

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Create custom connexion on Ethernet cable with a RJ45 plug adapter

The network cable are really common and nowadays really few building exists without Ethernet installation.

If you need to grab ethernet connection signals this tool will do a great job but it will do best to make electronic hacking with non standardized usage of RJ45 connector (for something else than Ethernet).

This connector can also be used to take advantage of the existing ethernet wiring in a building to ship your own signals. In such cas, you will find this product really appealing. Thank to the connector, you will be able to ship a signal from point A to point B through the network cable... made for simple and efficient solution.
Pay attention: for such non-ethernet-compatible usage, the wiring between A --> B cannot have a switch or a router in the middle (which inject signals on the lines), you must manage to have a direct connection from point to point.


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