Circuit Playground Express - MakeBlock and Python
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Circuit Playground Express - MakeBlock and Python

Circuit PlayGround Express, the next stop for a perfect introduction to programming and electronic

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Circuit Playground Express, it is like the Micro:bit but with other sensors, other user interface and other possibilities

Circuit Playground Express (CPX) will be a step forward to discover the programming and electronic. This board is based on the polupar Adafruit Circuit Playground Classic board (which is Arduino Compatible only) but modified to make it simplier to program while sitll adding more sensor.

The user can start discovery with MakeCode (MicroSoft), a block based (or Javascript) programming environment. But the board can also be programmed with CircuitPython (a MicroPython based interpreter running on board). Advanced user will also appreaciate to try the Arduino IDE environment to program the board in C. Arduino IDE, allows to program the board at the low level and being able to create really powerful project.

It is also possible to use the CS Discoveries from to learn coding from you WebBrowser!

You can check the Adafruit starter guide which details the Circuit Playground Express plateform and getting started with MakeCode, CircuitPython, CS Discoveries ( or Arduino!

4 programming languages to program the same board is great to re-use the material in different way. It would alsso allow a significant saving while learning (we can learn 4 times with the same material). So it is a great board for learning and experimenting from beginner level to expert level, Circuit Playground Express has something to offer to everyone.

CPX is design to be easy to use, even for beginner. The board is round offers alligator clips holes for quick and easy connexion (no need to solder for experiment electronics). Wearable addicted can also sew the connections with conductive wire.

The CircuitPlayground can be powered from USB, AAA battery pack or Lipoly accumulator (experimented users).

Once the CircuitPlayground Express plugged on the computer, it show itself as an USB flash drive (easy to transfert MakeCode and CircuitPython program to the board). It is a great and simple way to program a board, no need for compiler or specific software on the computer. You just need a Web Brower and a free USB (or text editor) and you are ready to go!

Some features and interface of the board:

  • 10x NeoPixels (each one can display a different color)
  • 1x Motion sensor / accelerometer
    (a triple-axis accelerometer that can be used for tap detection, sock detection, fall detection, thanks to A LIS3DH)
  • 1x Temperature sensor
    A thermistor where the internal resistor varies with the temperature.
  • 1x Light sensor
    made with one phototransistor, a transistor conducting current when it is excited by the light.
  • 1x Sound sensor
    based on microphone capturing sounds (or tap) all around.
  • 1x Mini speaker
    A 7.5mm magnetic speaker/buzzer + audio amplifier (class D)
  • 2x buttons A and B
  • 1x Slide switch
    Act as a On/Off switch
  • Infrared receiver and transmitter
    Can transmit any remote IR control codes or receive IR signals.
    Allows to send messages between Circuit Playground Expresses and can also act as proximity sensor.
  • 8x input/output pins compatible with alligator-clip
  • 7 input pads acting as capacitive touch inputs.
    1 input pads acting as analog output (True analog output).
  • Power ON led (green)
  • User RED LED, wired on pin #13
  • With microcontroler goodies: I2C, UART, analog inputs or PWM outputs
  • Reset button
  • Using a ARM Cortex M0 Processor (ATSAMD21), 3.3V logic @ 48MHz
  • 2 Mio of SPI Flash memory for code and library storage.
  • Micro USB connector:
    • to program and debug
    • See the Flash memory like a Flash USB Drive (MakeCode and CircuitPython programming)
    • USB port can act like serial port, keyboard, mouse, joystick or MIDI!

Technical details

  • Diameter: 50.6 mm
  • Weight: 8.9 gr


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