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120x Electrolytic capacity


Electrolytic capacitor set

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An electrolytic capacitor kit to bring up a toolbox

A great kit of electrolytic capacitor to keep under the hand. With this kit, you will be able to quickly pick the needed capacitor among the most popular values.

The electrolytic capacitor are polarized, which means that you have to take care the way you wire it on the board. If you wired it reverse then the capacitor may smoke or "explode" on the board.

Those capacitors are used everywhere. Open any modern appliance and you will quickly electrolytic capacitor inside (on the board).


  • Quantity: 120 items
    with 10 different values from 1uF to 1000uF
  • 15x : 1µF/50V, 2.2µF/50V, 4.7µF/50V, 10µF/50V, 22µF/50V, 47µF/25V, 100µF/25V
  • 5x : 220µF/25V, 470µF/25V, 1000µF/25V


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