1 x Super Capacitor 700 Farad 2.5V
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1 x Super Capacitor 700 Farad 2.5V

1x Electrolytic SUPER capactor of 700 Farad - 2.5V

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Super capacitor of 700 Farad / 2.5V

When learning power supply schematics at electronic school, the teacher usually appeals the student attention to the big capacitor added to the circuit (BFC... les Big Fat Capa).

If you have a need for a gigantic capacitance for your project, here one of the representative of the  Ultra Large Capacitance (dit UHFC pour Ultra Huge Fat Capacity) with 700 Farad! Yes... did read it correctly, the "micro" sign is not missing it is Farads!

As most of the super-capactor, the max voltage is of 2.5V and it fall rapidely when the capacitor starts discharging (it is a capa, not a battery).

This capacitor can be used as sleep mode power supply where it's charging/discharging characteristics can be used. The great thing about the capacitor is its instantaneous charge up. Capacitor are also great because they do not degrade with the time of use (as it is the case for NiMH and Lipo/LiIon battery).
The Maxim Integrated company offers many calc sheet to make the proper complementary product selection for your project.

Take care of discharging capacitor!

Super-capacitor car store a lot of energy and do have a very low équivalent serie resistance (ESR) allowing the capacitor to get dischaged instantenously. This means that short-circuit current are verrrryyyyy high and will produce sparks.
It is very important to be very careful when dealing with such powerful product (even if the voltage is low). It is a very powerful component. It is important to have the proper skill (or the right person) to use this product.

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