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On/Off button - white LED

Button - On/Off switch - 16mm - LED ring WHITE

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A chrome-plated button with white LED ring - switch

This metallic button is chrome-plated, robust and "weatherproof". Note the use of Weatherproof (and not Waterproof), it means that it resists to humidity (caused by severe weather) but not "Waterproof" (water resistance and direct projection).

Behind these sealing considerations, you will also find a button with a really cool look and a finish that offers a pro style to your mounts! Make a hole of 16mm in any material up to 12.5mm thick and the button will take place. This button is delivered with a rubber gasket to prevent water infiltration into the case. The front of the button has a flat surface (also made of metal) that is a switch surrounded by a plastic ring for the LED display.

The back is equipped with 3 contacts for the button (common, normally-open and normally-closed) and 2 other contacts for the LED ring (+ and -). connect a power supply of 3 to 6V to the LED to see it light up, the switch contains a resistor to limit the current of the LED! If you want to use a higher voltage, such as 12V or 24V, simply add a 470 Ohms resistor in series with the LED to keep the LED current around 20mA.

This button is an on/off switch. If you press the button, the normally-open contact is connected to the common and the button remains "pressed". When you press the button a second time, the button returns to its original position and the normally-open contact is "open" again.

The switch and the LED are separated, so you can connect it to turn it on when your mount is on (and vice versa) or control the LED according to your wishes (blinking, pulsation, etc.). See the technical details for more information!

What's awesome in this product is that:

  1. The switch includes a normally-open contact + a normally-closed contact (which reverse).
    This is rather rare in the consumer product and allows, for example, to know when the project is supposed to be off.
  2. There is no connection between the LED circuit and the switch.
    So you can stop a circuit in "high voltage" while the LED is powered with a PWM 5V signal from your microcontroller (to pulse the LED... as on modern computers). The switch includes a normally-open contact + a normally-closed contact (which reverse).

Technical details

  • Drill a hole with a diameter of 16mm
  • Cutoff power: 3A to 250VDC
  • Switch contacts: 1 NO (normally-open), 1 NC (normally-closed)
  • Material: Chrome-plated on brass
  • Grade: IP40/IP67
  • Contact resistance: < 50 MOhm
  • Insulation resistance: > 1000 MOhm
  • Temperature: -20 C to +55 C
  • Service life - mechanical: > 500,000 cycles
  • Service life - electrical: > 50,000 cycles
  • Thickness of the support: from 1 to 13mm
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 to 2.5 N
  • Lighting power: 6V
  • Button weight: 13.9 gr
  • Dimensions: see in the product images.


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