Mini 2-axis analog joystick
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Mini 2-axis analog joystick

Mini analog joystick 

  • 2-axis analog (10K)
  • self-centering
  • Style PSP
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2 axis mini analog joystick

A simple device as this analog joystick can be the great solution for your project. It has a high quality and is hard to come by. Such control device is perfect for robotics and control interfaces!

This quality Mini 2-Axis Analog thumbstick looks like the controler you may find on high-end console joypad. It can mesure any direction thanks to its analog output!

It is small (similar to PSP joystick) but is perfect with its black cap offering a great user tactile experience. The best for the end, this joystick is a self-centering!

Behind the thumbstick, you will have two 10KOhms potentiometers, one for up/down and other for left/right.

The joystick pins can be soldered on custom breakout board or by using a customized perfoboard.

Tip & Trick: the voltage will follow the motion of the thumbstick as it is moved around. A good approach is to make a mean of the last 3 or 4 read values. This way, the user action with be smoothed avoiding brutal software reaction

Note: Breakout PCB is not included.

Technical details

  • Weight: 2 gr
  • 2x 10 KOhms potentiometer
  • Self-centering