Power control push-button with FET
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Power control push-button with FET

Power control with push button

  • Breakout Adafruit
  • 3 to 14V DC
  • 3A max
  • Kill pin (the project can shut down by itself)
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Push-button power switch breakout

This Push-Push power button is a breakout board allow you to control a DC power supply from momentary push button. Push it to activates the power... push it again to cut the power supply. With this breakout, you can use any of the everyday tactile button to control the power.

Breakout feature a latching analog circuit triggered with a momentary button. The circuit have a P-Chanel FET (3A) to connect the IN pin to the OUT pin. This breakout can control up to 3 Amp of current for a DC voltage from 3V to 14VDC (for sure, higher the current will be more heat the FET will dissipate). Finally, the breakout only need 0.5µA to work (quiescent current draw).

This power switch breakout is a nice way to control the power of a project.

There is a 'body diode' in the pass FET so if the load has a voltage on it that is higher than the input voltage, current will flow back to the input!

There is built-in debouncing but very bouncy switches can be annoying as they will turn on and off fast instead of latching.

How to wire it

Connect the power to the Ground and IN Pin. Then connect the OUT load (and the load to the Ground).

Connect a Push button to the breakout board (you can use the 12mm tactile switch included).

Press the button to alternate between on or off.

Additional features

The red LED fitted on the board lights up when the power is connected to the load.

The optionnal KILL pin can be used to switch of the power from the load. When set to 1V or more then the FET is instantly turn off. This is a convenient way for a projet to self power-off.

Please note that reactivating the power is not possible as long as the KILL pin get some voltages.


For each order, you will receive a fully assembled and tested beakout board. A 12mm tactile button and a section of pin Header is also included.

You can solder the button if you don't have your own one. The pin header can be soldered on the breakout is you want to use it with a breadboard.

Technical details

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