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ON/OFF RED Rocker switch - 250V 3A - red light


RED rocker power switch

  • ON / OFF (SPST)
  • 250V 3A
  • Neon light

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A On/Off switch (single throw) 250V 3A + light to control the power of your project

A unipolar on/off switch (cutting only a power wire) provided for the distribution network.

An element of choice to finalize your own devices and peripherals.

Please note, this switch only cuts one of the two phases of the supply, the other phase remains connected to the supply circuit. An electric shock (return by the ground) is therefore always possible by touching the elements of the electrical circuit.

The electrical network - Warning

The assembly on Breadboard or prototyping plate exposes the high voltage part of your assembly to accidental contact. Making connections to the electrical network isn't without risk and certain accidents can lead to severe burns or even death in the most serious cases!

So you have to be careful.

If you don't have competence in high voltage or if you hesitate, don't hesitate to call on someone with the necessary skills.

Once your assembly/connection is finished, it is preferable to place it in an environment which avoids any accidental contact (ex: an airtight box provided for this purpose). Always attach a sensor/component/mounting which could expose a risk of contact with its high voltage part.


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