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EXTRA Large Arcade Button - YELLOW led - 100mm


  • Arcade Button 100mm
  • 1 LED (12V)
  • Resistor included

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EXTRA Large Yellow Arcade button with LED - 100mm diameter

This arcade button is very large and very cool! It is a nice switch including light (LED with resistors)!
Having LED included inside the button is great because it allows the button button to get illuminated, glowing and shining. You can control the light with a digital output or PWM ping (to make the light pulsing). Please note that only a part of button area is lighted!

The button has a smooth action very similar to arcade button (thank to the arcade switch). The button course is of several millimeters.

This button has a large diameter of 100mm and is suited kid activities where action & reaction is needed. You can place it into a 24mm diameter hole or 93mm diameter if you remove the spacer. As the screw makes 30mm height, you can place it into a ~15mm thick material. The round button border covers the hole.

The LEDs can be powered:

  • 12 Volts. The LED will draw xx mA


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