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Arcade Button - Red LED - Translucent 24mm


  • Arcade Button 24mm
  • Translucent RED
  • 2 LEDs
  • Resistor included
  • 10mA @ 5V, 2mA @ 3V

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Red arcade button with LED

This arcade button is a special! It is a nice and translucent switch including 2 LEDs (with resistors)!
Having LEDs included inside the button is particulary interesting. It allows the button to glow and shine. You can control it with a digital output or PWM output (to make it pulsing).

This button has the common size of the small arcade button. You can place it into a 24mm diameter hole. As the screw makes 20mm height, you can place it into a ~15mm thick material. The round button border covers the hole and the button is action is smooth (and very pleasant) with a good electrical contact. The button course is around 4mm length.

The LEDs inside the button are 2 surface mount LEDs with resistor. They are included inside the body of button. On the back of the button, there are 2 pins for the switch and 2 others contacts for the LED (melt in the swithc body). The two LEDs are connected in parralel with a 1K resistors (for each led).

The LEDs can be powered:

  • 5 Volts. The LED will draw 10mA
  • 3.3V. The LED will draw 2mA (but the LEDs are dimmed).


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