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6x C battery holder (Total 9V)


Power supply with C battery

  • 6x C (LR14)
  • 6 battery 1.5V = 9V
  • Solder Connector

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A 6x C-battery pack to power up a 9V project

Make your project transportable by having power pack able to propelling motors. This battery pack accepts 6x C batteries (alkaline or rechargeable).

The benefits of C battery (also named LR14) is its power going up to 8000 mAh where a type A battery can hold from 1200mAh to 2400mAh.

This battery pack does fits solder connector.

The six batteries are daisy chain connected, so the nominal voltage is 9 volts DC with alkaline batteries (9.2V when they are brand new, 6V when they are discharged).

If you want to use rechargeable batteries, then the nominal voltage will be 7.2 Volts DC (7.4V when they are brand new, 5.4V when they are discharged).

The rechargeable batteries are great for most projects (including motor ones).

Batteries not included.

Technical details

  • Size : 159 x 57 mm
  • Height: 25mm
  • Weight: 32gr
  • Clip connexions (see this clip product)
  • 6x C standard battery would offers 9 V DC
  • 6x C rechargeable batteries would offers a 7.2 V DC

When soldering a jack plug

If you when to solder a jack plug (not included), please remember that external barrel must be the ground and center barrel must be the positive voltage (it is a standard).

  • Solder the red wire to the plug's central connection
  • Solder the black wire to the plug's body connection


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