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12V Fan 80x80mm


80x80x25mm Fan

  • Voltage 9V to 12V
  • 70mA @ 12V
  • 56 m³/h
  • 2600 rpm
  • 28 dBa @ 1m
  • Needle bearing
  • Sunon EF80251S3-1000U-A99

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80mm 12V ventilation fan (9 à 12V) for usual application

This kinf of fan is very common, you may find them into Computer PSU, device cooling, case aeration, etc.

It start to turn at 5V (useful for learning projet) but will efficiently flow air from 9V.

The nominal voltage of this fan is 12 Volts, voltage where the air flow is maximum (and the noise also).

Technical details

  • 80mm Fun (without grid)
  • Nominal voltage : 12v
  • Speed : 2600 rpm @ 12v
  • Noise: 20 dBa at 1m @ 12v
  • Power:
    • 12V: 70mA, ~2450 rpm, loudy, strong air flow
    • 9V: 50mA, ~1800 rpm, low noise, air flowing
    • 5V: 30mA, ~725 rpm, can't almost ear it, held air flow


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