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6V Air Valve


6V Air Valve

  • 2 Pins JST PH connector
  • 1 common port
  • 2 ways
  • FA0520E

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6V Air Valve with 2-pin JST PH Connector - FA0520E

This product is a pneumatic system valve allowing you to add pneumatic, pseudo-hydraulic alike or inflating to you project thank to some compressed air.

This kind of valve is also know as "air release valve" and are used to passively release air from a pressurized container.

This valve work fine at 5V even if designed to work at 6V.
This valve is like a dual way relay for compressed air.

Air valve schematic

Here is a description of the three ports of valve:

  • The middle port #3 (with the edge) is the common connection.
  • When powered: the input port (#2, on the plastic valve) is connected to the common port (#3). The metal port (#1) is closed and no air flows into (or out) of the metal port (#1).
  • When unpowered: the metal port (#1) is connected to the common port (#3). The input port (#2) is closed and no air flows into (or out) of the plastic port (#2).

You will need some compressed air to use this pneumatic valve. You can use a pump generating positive (or negative) air pressure with this valve. By example, one air pump inflating a ballon to lift something and a second air pump (mounted the opposite way to get negative pressure) to deflate the ballon more quickly!


For each order, you will receive the air valve with the wire (ended with a JST connector)


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