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7 USB Ports HUB - USB 2.0 - 2 Amp


USB Hub with external power supply 2 Amp - 7 ports

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A 7 ports USB 2.0 HUB - self powered - to give some push to your Raspberry-pi project

It took 5 long months but that's it, we finally have a real... a good... a super USB HUB 7 ports USB 2.0... self-powered... able to provide 2 Amps... enough to satisfy the most demanding Raspberry-Pi users :-)

All ports support USB 2.0, which means they are fast and allow to connect camera, video and peripherals at high speed. Cheap USB HUBs generally only support USB 1.1 which is must slower.  

What makes this HUB particularly interesting is its external 5-volt adapter capable of 2 Amps... Which is huge for this type of equipment, enough to allow the use of energy-consuming peripherals such as video cameras, WiFi keys, Flash drives. 
The Hub has a resettable PTC fuse of 2 Amps. 
Unlike cheap HUBs, it offers 7 ports from a single integrated circuit instead of offering two 4-port chained circuits (in the latter case, the computer actually communicates with 2 separate peripherals, which decreases performance).

This USB HUB will be a great companion of your Pi which only has two USB ports which are, moreover, limited in capacity - It has been tested with success on Raspberry-Pi for which it has been selected but also works with Mac and Windows.


Pack contain:

  • A USB HUB 7 ports with integrated USB cable (20cm)
  • A USB extension cable of 1.20m.
  • A 5V 2A wall power supply (UL listed + C E) operating at 100 and 240VAC.
    Compatible with European and American networks.
  • US/EU adapter
  • A notice in several languages (including French).

Manufacturer's note

The HUB's multiple transactions converter provides the bandwidth required to maintain peak performance in USB 2.0, USB 1.1 and USB 1.0. If a port is not working, disconnect the respective peripheral as the failure may be momentary and caused by excessive current. Then reconnect the device. 


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