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2x LEGO Wheels Adapter - 2mm Shaft


2mm Shaft Adapter for LEGO Wheels (Pair)

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This adapter allows the mini platstic gearmotors 120:1 (with offset output and  90 degree ouput) and the Solarbotics GM6 / GM7 gearmotors to be connected to LEGO’s wide variety of high-quality wheels.

These are great motors for building small robots, and LEGO makes a number of very high-quality wheels as part of their Technic and Mindstorms product lines, many of which would also be excellent for use on a small robot. With this adapter, you can integrate LEGO wheels of your choice into a robot. We sell the adapters in pairs, so that you can make a two-wheeled robot.

The adapter can be used with any LEGO wheel that accepts a standard axle, as long as the tire does not extend more than 0.35" beyond the inner edge of the hub so that the motor body will not rub against the tire.


  1.  Fit the adapter onto the metal output shaft of one of the four gearmotors linked above. You will need to push quite hard; be careful not to damage the gearmotor.
  2. Slide the adapter into a LEGO wheel of your choice.


For each order, you will receive a pair of adapters. The other items like motor, wheel, ect are not included (only used for demontrastion purpose)

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