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MAKERbuino - Standard kit


MAKERBuino Standard Kit

  • 128MB SDCard with preloaded games
  • USB-Serial TTL cable (to program it)

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Assemble you own 8 bits game console with MakerBuino

Make your own Game Console (Game Boy alike)!

Build your own game console from scratch with MAKERbuino! MAKERbuino is easy to assemble, all the component are provided any you only need some soldering operation (basic soldering skills) and you are ready to go!

The device is based on easy-to-find components and programmed in Arduino – one of the most popular DIY microcontroller platforms.

Have you ever dream to assemble your own game console? Cool, here is MAKERbuino!
This device is an open source GameBoy designed to be assembled (it’s fully DIY project).
 MAKERbuino is a nice retro handheld device that can also be used as educational device shaped like a game console. MAKERbuino can be a cool and fun tool to learn STEM technologies (Science, Technology, Engineering et Mathematics).

MAKERbuino is also compatible with Gamebuino and its vast game library.

The kit will requires 5 to 6 hours to build (Age 11+). some basic soldering skill and assemblies is required to assemble the kit. MAKERbuino was designed to make the assembly process as easy as possible.

MAKERbuino is design to be fully open source, programmable with Arduino IDE and compatible with various Arduino modules.

More information about MAKERBuino.


For each order, you will receive the basic MAKERbuino kit, you will have all the needed components to build and program your own game console. Some additional tools are required to assemble it.



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