[RETIRE] Particle Internet Button
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[RETIRE] Particle Internet Button

[RETIRE] Internet button - Photon INCLUDED

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The Internet Button of Particle.io is an "Internet button" including a Photon and various interfaces allowing the fast realization of projects and prototypes. You can easily remove the Photon from the Internet Button if you need to use it in other projects.

Start playing fast with the LEDs (these are NeoPixels), the various buttons and the accelerometer of the Internet Button without having to take out your wires or your welding iron.
On the software side, custom libraries are available to quickly start programming your beautiful projects. The Internet Button is 6.6cm in diameter. It is not only an easy way to start in the Internet of Things (IoT), it represents a "clean" interface with a beautiful finish for designing prototypes.

The Internet Button has a function library in the Build programming environment. This library is called SPARKBUTTON.   

Some specifications

  • 11 NeoPixels (RGB LED), each is individually controllable.
    It's really a great idea. See our range Neopixel to get an idea of the possibilities offered by such LEDs.
  • A 3-axis accelerometer ADXL362.
    This tool allows you to detect accelerations/decelerations practice to detect a brake :-) but the most interesting application of the accelerometer, is to detect the orientation of the Internet Button relative to the ground (in relation to the center of the earth to be more exact). Yes, there is a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s² (G) towards the center of the earth (that's why we remain stuck to the ground ;-)).
  • 4 tactile buttons for "directional cross" (D-Pad) interactions.
  • Female connector allowing the connection of Photon
  • Female connectors for connection of additional sensors and actuator
  • Retro compatible with the Core


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