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[RETIRED] RPi-ShieldBridge - An Arduino compatible on the Pi


RPi-ShieldBrigde - an arduino compatible for the Pi

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This product is no more available!

Attention, Fusion of two worlds imminent !!! What you are going to discover here will open up many perspectives. Please have a chair handy, you may well need it.

With RPi-ShieldBrigde, you will experience the best of both worlds ... on one platform:

  • Raspberry Pi - You like it, it's easy to program in Python, a multimedia beast, well suited to networks and online services. Her community is incredibly active. It has a programmable GPIO ... but it's sometimes a bit limited.
  • Arduino - Very well adapted to the physical world, this microcontroller turns out to be an extraordinary automation tool, easy to implement and has a very large, very active community as well as a large number of extensions. It's a great tool but a bit limited in terms of network connection, graphical interface, and fairly high level programming..

RPi-ShieldBridge, it is a 100% Arduino compatible on a  Raspberry Pi HAT, it is wired to tge Raspberry Pi via the GPIO.

Technical details

  • Microcontroleur Atmel AVR ATmega328 with an Arduino Bootloader.
    It is programmed like an Arduino UNO
    (Bootloader optiboot with automatic baud rate detection)
  • Raspberry Pi connected via I2C and UART (serial port) to the microcontroler. Level shifter are used between the Pi and the Atmel
  • AVR-Programming via Raspberry Pi available
  • The HAT fits Arduino Uno R3 layout connector
  • Low drop out voltage 3.3V regulator (made available for you arduino shields)
  • Prototyping area
  • Designed with external power input stage.
    Power your Raspberry-Pi and RPi-ShieldBridge from 3-11V prower  supply and a  Pololu S7V7F5 (not included)